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Michael began racing dirt track go-karts that he and his father made in the garage at the age of 13. Racing against his father  Michael quickly proved he could handle the speeds.
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In 1992 Michael finished 2nd, one place in front of his father. This was a reversal of 1991 where he finished 3rd behind him.

Things weren't looking so good for Michael, lying unconscious in a twisted wreck after a high-speed collision with another kart, there were fears for his immediate well-being. But after a overnight stay in hospital for observation, 15 year old Michael was soon back on the track and purchased a factory-made Rookie frame modified to take a Suzuki PE 175 enduro engine and gearbox. Later that year Michael became the Formula Karts Champion Michael was also nominated for Junior Sports Star of the month by Warwick Daily News.


Started racing a standard 1200cc Honda Civic in the Junior Class of the Short Circuit Touring Car Series in South-East Queensland. He finished 3rd Overall.

Moved into the highly competitive production class, still racing his now modified Honda Civic. He finished an outstanding 2nd place.


Michael won everything going this year. Production Champion, Series Outright Champion, Club Champion, Most Consistent Driver, Endurance Series Production Champion, Endurance Series Outright Champion.


Attended the Formula Vee School at Lakeside International Raceway. Rolled his trusty Honda at Stanthorpe 100 lapper. He was tapped on the corner of his back bumper while coming onto the front straight. He landed on his he kept going.
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Raced against his sister.
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This year Michaels trusty little Honda was written off during round 4 at Millmerran Reserve Raceway. Michael walked away from his wrecked Honda after rolling 3 times in the first heat. He braked hard coming into a bend, sending his Honda into a spin, causing his back tyre to clip the tyre wall and rocket into the air. After the meeting Michael went and looked at a Honda CRX which had been imported from Japan. He purchased it the following week.
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Competed in S/E QLD touring car series in a Honda CRX
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Competed in S/E QLD touring car series in a Honda CRX. Purchased a Gemini to compete in the QLD Gemini Series. Finished 5th Overall.
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Competed in S/E QLD touring car series in a Honda CRX. Also 3rd Place in the QLD Gemini Series
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2005 to current

Competing in the QLD Gemini Series

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